105th Ohio Infantry
compiled by Larry Stevens
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regimental and also presented on this web page.
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                                                                                                                           "Soldiers Three"

"Lieuts. Tourgee, Wallace and Morgaridge, taken during the course of a dusty march early in July 1863, near
Dechard, Tenn."
Courtesy of and Copyright © L.R. Stevens Collection

One Hundred and Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1013 men, Albert S. Hall colonel, mustered in at Camp Taylor,
near Cleveland, August 20-21, 1862; served in the defense of Kentucky at Perryville during Bragg's invasion in
1862; in October ordered into Tennessee; in January, 1863, assigned to the Fourth Division, Fourteenth Army
Corps. In active service in Tennessee through 1863 at Chickamauga and Mission Ridge; took part in Sherman's
great campaign through Georgia in 1864; in the campaign of the Carolinas in the opening months of 1865;
reviewed at Washington May 24th, and there mustered out June 3, 1865, 427 men, Lieutenant Colonel George T.
Perkins commanding.

From: The Military History of Ohio. By H.H. Hardesty

From Dyer's Compendium
105th Regiment Infantry. Organized at Cleveland, Ohio, and mustered in August 20, 1862. Ordered to Covington,
Ky., August 21, 1862; thence to Lexington, Ky., August 25. March to relief of Nelson August 30. Retreat to
Louisville, Ky., September 1-15. Attached to 33rd Brigade, 10th Division, Army of the Ohio, to September, 1862.
33rd Brigade, 10th Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Ohio, to November, 1862. 1st Brigade, 5th Division (Centre),
14th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade, 5th Division, 14th Army Corps, Army of
the Cumberland, to June, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 14th Army Corps, to October, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd
Division, 14th Army Corps, to July, 1865.

SERVICE.--Pursuit of Bragg into Kentucky October 1-12. Battle of Perryville, Ky., October 8. March to
Munfordsville, Ky., October 12, and duty there till November 30. Expedition to Cave City October 31 and November
26. Moved to Bledsoe Creek November 30. Operations against Morgan December 22, 1862, to January 2, 1863.
March to Nashville, Tenn., thence to Murfreesboro January 3-11, and duty there till June. Expedition to Auburn,
Liberty and Alexandria February 3-5. Expedition to Woodbury March 3-8. Vaught's Hill, near Milton, March 20.
Expedition to McMinnville April 20-30. Middle Tennessee (or Tullahoma) Campaign June 23-July 7. Hoover's Gap
June 24-26. Occupation of Middle Tennessee till August 16. Passage of the Cumberland Mountains and
Tennessee River and Chickamauga (Ga.) Campaign August 16-September 22. Shellmound August 21.
Reconnoissance toward Chattanooga August 30-31. Battle of Chickamauga September 19-21. Siege of
Chattanooga, Tenn., September 24-November 23. Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign November 23-27. Orchard
Knob November 23-24. Mission Ridge November 25. Demonstrations on Dalton, Ga., February 22-27, 1864.
Tunnel Hill, Buzzard's Roost Gap and Rocky Face Ridge February 23-25. Reconnoissance from Ringgold toward
Tunnel Hill April 29. Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign May 1 to September 8. Demonstrations on Rocky Face Ridge May 8-
11. Battle of Resaca May 14-15. Advance on Dallas May 18-25. Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and
battles about Dallas, New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills May 25-June 5. Operations about Marietta and against
Kenesaw June 10-July 2. Pine Hill June 11-14. Lost Mountain June 15-17. Assault on Kenesaw June 27. Ruff's
Station July 4. Chattahoochie River July 5-17. Peach Tree Creek July 19-20. Siege of Atlanta July 22-August 25.
Utoy Creek August 5-7. Flank movement on Jonesboro August 25-30. Battle of Jonesboro August 31-September
1. Operations against; Hood in North Georgia and North Alabama September 29-November 3. March to the sea
November 15-December 10. Siege of Savannah December 10-15. Campaign of the Carolinas January to April,
1865. Fayetteville, N. C., March 11. Battle of Bentonville March 19-21. Occupation of Goldsboro March 24.
Advance on Raleigh April 10-14. Occupation of Raleigh April 14. Bennett's House April 26. Surrender of Johnston
and his army. March to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va., April 29-May 20. Grand Review May 24. Mustered
out June 3, 1865. Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 104 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 7
Officers and 126 Enlisted men by disease. Total 240.

Thanks to Dr. Richard A. Sauers for the initial research and indexing of the National Tribune articles.

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